Two Male Rats in Southeastern Mass. Need A Loving Home

Hello there all. It pains me greatly that I only come here to find my two darling boys a new home. Recent family deaths have left me in a situation where a relative is coming to stay with us- and she is beyond deathly afraid of rats. I do not want to lose my relative's company and trust and I cannot have her fearful of her house. However, the alternatives necessary to keep my rats are unfair to them. They deserve a stable home where they will not have to move around, and do not have to live in fear of some retaliatory relative.

The two boys are Elgernon (the grey one) and Loki (the black markings one). Elgernon is a fairly calm sweetheart, playful and curious but also willing to just laze around your shoulder or hood. As with any animal he needs to be used to you, but once he is he's all love. <3

Loki is kind of a special needs case. Not that he's disabled in any way, but for one reason or another, he has gained a considerable amount of weight. No matter how often this fat rat gets out, he doesn't seem interested in exercising or exploring. He used a wheel until very recently- I was in the process of finding one big enough for him.
He's also very skittish and shy- for a long time I had worked to a point where he was almost comfortable with me, but after having to move him to his foster mom's house, he started getting agitated and nippy. This is new behavior and I'm positive that with time, patience, stability and a lot of positive reinforcement he'll come around.

Both boys are a year and some odd months (they were rescues from a local shelter so I'm unsure.) They're healthy, with only one case last year of a respiratory infection.
They will be adopted out with a large ferret cage and whatever supplies I currently have for a small adoption fee.
I live in New Bedford, in southeastern Mass. It's close to Fall River and I can bring them to you up to around an hour away in any direction.
If you or anyone you is interested in them, please let me know.
Time is not a huge issue, I can keep them until a good home is found.


MRR in need of homes.

Mainely Rat Rescue is looking for adoptive, foster, and hospice families. We have an abundance of sweet rats of all ages for adoption! We have lots of babies, young and adult rats for adoption (incl. Dumbos, rex, hairless and NEUTERED boys). We also have a variety of colors and hair types: beige hooded and bareback, agouti hooded, fawn self and hooded, black hooded and berkshire, head spots, masked, PEW, Himalayan! These rats are being cared for in our wonderful foster homes. Let us help you find the perfect match for your family!

If you are unable to adopt, but would like to help, fostering is a wonderful way to help out. We guide and support you and provide the cage, accessories, lab blocks and support. You supply the love and attention!

Transportation can often be arranged throughout much of New England and NY. We have a transport from Maine to Rochester, NY in June! Please check out our website at! Intact rats adopted from MRR are eligible for our discounted spay/neuters at only $60.00 apiece. (Adoption fee is waived if you choose to neuter your rat.) For more information email Robin at
Robin Rushlau
Adoption and Foster Care Coordinator
Mainely Rat Rescue, Inc.

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Home needed for 2 rats in the Tampa, Fl area!

My roommate had to move out of state with very little notice, and she didn't have time to find a new home for her 2 rats Loki and Muffin before she left. I've had rats many, many times, so I don't have a problem taking care of them until I can find them a good home, but I also just plain don't have the time or money to give them the attention and care they deserve.

I've tried to find homes for them with no luck whatsoever. The humane society doesn't take rats because they don't adopt out quickly. Nobody I know can take them. I tried posting them on sites like craigslist, saying there was a $15 adoption fee so I could be sure they wouldn't be used as feeders, no luck there either. I've even tried to find some sort of family-run pet shop that would sell them as pets only, but couldn't find one.

They're both approx. 6-7 months old, brown&white males, and very, very sweet. They've been with my roommate and me since they were babies. They are well socialized, both a bit timid when being taken out of the cage, but are completely fine and content once they've been out for a minute or two. They have never had any health issues, and they're quite energetic.

I really could use some help, they're such little sweethearts, I just wouldn't have it in me to give them to a home where they might be mistreated or used as feeders. I was completely out of ideas until I remembered all the communities I was still in from back when I still had ratties of my own, so this is sort of my last option.

I live in Clearwater, FL, about 20 minutes outside of Tampa. I could drive up to about an hour/hour & a half to meet someone halfway, if needed. The cage can go with them, although the one they are in now is not really big enough for them. The cage they were in was nice and roomy but it was just falling apart so they had to transfer over into one of our spare cages.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Four Males in NY

This is Batty for Ratties Rescue. . We still have four baby male hoodeds up for adoption in the Capital Region of New York. I'm willing to travel an hour to meet you if you live a ways away. Two of the babies are in a foster home right now but the other two are still here at the rescue. If you can foster the two left or adopt a pair that would be great.

Thanks! And here's a picture of the four:

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Also sent as an email to Kim's Ark, Mainely Rat Rescue, posted in <lj comm="ratties"> and as a post in Goosemoose.

Hello fellow rat lovers,
   I recently started a rat rescue(Batty for Ratties), and have come across what sounds to be a serious hoarding situation. I was informed that a woman in Albany, NY had 40 some rats. I contacted her to offer help and arranged to visit her tomorrow. However she has now decided that it would be best to bring the rats I can take to me in a public location because her boyfriend doesn't want her having people over to her house that she doesn't know supposedly. I talked at length with her tonight and since I first talked to her last week, she has accumulated 22 more rats. She is now at a grand total of 62. She lives in a three bedroom house. She has two ferret nation cages to seperate the boys from the girls. The babies are kept in some sort of bird cage. She is also a reptile owner and mainly "rescued" these rats from people who fed them live. There are six different cages total. She is feeding them parrot food and dog or cat food(whichever she has on hand she says). She also feeds them cheese sandwhiches, toast, cheerios, and plates of pasta. They are kept on All-Pet bedding. She doesn't handle them because (and I quote) "Rats don't care if they're held, as long as you feed and water them they're okay." In addition to these 62 rats she has 6 degus, 10 african soft furred rats, 3 gerbils, 3 horses, 4 dogs, 1 pot belly pig, 1 macaw, 1 quaker parrot, 1 nine foot boa constrictor, one four foot iguana, one bearded dragon, two leopard geckos, 1 corn snake, 1 king snake, 1 armadillo lizard, 1 tarantula, 3 columbian boas, and two other boas of which she doesn't know the species.

 Needless to say I am incredibly concerned. I told her for now I would take four hooded male babies. I feel it's necessary to call animal control on this woman. I feel that no matter how many animals I'm able to find homes for, she will continue to take in more and I cannot aid in that. I need some advice about what to do, how to go about it, etc. No rescues in this area aside from mine and really ever take in rats. I cannot financially or physically take care of 62 rats. I simply don't have the housing. According to the cage calculator, I have room for 25 rats with my cages. I'm not comfortable going over 15 rats however. None of her rats are socialized. Two females have tumors which she claims there is no need to remove them, rats get them all the time. And she also has two rats, I believe females, that are each missing an eye. She didn't give any specifics.

 Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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I live in the Capital Region of New York and am planning on starting a small scale small animal rescue(mainly focused on rats, but I will also take hamsters, mice, gerbils, degus, and a few other species). My question is, is there anyone out there within my area or even further that would be willing to do fosters? I cannot provide transportation, and I cannot pay for the fosters care. This is going to be all volunteer based. I'm also looking for people who may be willing to travel and transport animals occasionally. I'm really doing my research and I want homes and that like lined up before I even really launch this "project". I also would like any advice from people who have rat or small animal rescues. Thanks!

Kim's Ark Closing

It is with great sadness that Kim's Ark Rodent Rescue announces that after 7 wonderful years, we will be closing our doors at this time.

Effective immediately, the Ark will no longer be accepting surrendered rats from outside sources. As always, the Ark will continue to function in its full capacity for all rats currently under our care to place them or care for them. The Ark will always accept any rat adopted out by us back. In this respect nothing has changed - we will continue to do this for the life of any rat adopted out by us.

The Ark store will sell out all of its supplies over the course of the next few weeks to months. In addition, all of the Ark's supplies (including cages, water bottles, etc) in storage in Massachusetts will be available for purchase. Proceeds will be kept on hand to treat and care for any Ark rats in the future, as well as assist local shelters financially with rats should the need arise.

It has been our great pleasure to help out for such a long period of time, and be surrounded by such wonderful people in the rat community. At some point in the future the Ark may be reborn, but the time has come for us to take a step back. We hope that if the situation arises, we can still be of help; we are delighted to see so many rescues all over the nation that have been formed. As always, this has been for the rats, and we hope we have made a difference.

Tracy and Kim
(and all the current and past Ark volunteers that have made this happen)

Kim Somjen, DVM

ARCH Bowie's Semper Fidelis v DRU, CD RN RL3 ATT WAC TT CGC "OohRah"
Beja's Bomb's Away v Bowie, RN PTT CGC "Berlin"
Bowie's Modern Love RN CGC SND 6.98 - 4.06
and Tyler, Willow and Mya
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Hey ALL!

I've had a live journal that I never really kept up on since 2004. I've been getting more & more involved recently & loving the communities<3 I'm new to the whole community thing in general so I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself & my Ratties:)

My names Melissa...HI! Atm I have 3 female rats(Carmen, Pepper, & Ashley) & one male Ben<3 Who I akm currently looking for a friend for. Ashley is my newest addition to the family, I got her just 2 days ago. She is still in quarentine & I dont have pictures phone got wet so no phone or camera:*( I will be borrowing a friends camera for an even soon so I'll take new pics then.

I have also been a mouse breeder for a few years so I have some little mices<3 too. I will do my best to put up some pics soon. Thanks for your love of rodents<3<3<3

x-posted all over the place...sorry if you have to experience the repetition:/
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To Male Rats Urgently Need A Home

They are two male rats that were recently dropped off at a Petco in El Cajon, California.
The story is, they came from a girl who claimed to have got them from a lab or something like that. She wasn't too sure herself. The girl told Petco that they were "zebra" rats. But her story is very far from the truth. These poor males were either shaved or had chemical hair removal to have a zebra patterned coat! Because their hair has yet to (and may never) grow in they are stuck with missing chunks of coat and Petco doesn't know what to do with them.

I am reaching out in hopes that these to males will find themselves a loving home were they can be treated, rightfully, as family members.

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